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24 January 2016

Five Guys Hamburgers

We have enjoyed a good Five Guys burger and fries since we first tried them in Virginia somewhere around 2001. At that time, there were just a few locations in and around Washington, DC. Since then, they have franchised absolutely everywhere! But, this is the first time we've tried them in London.
The girls were excited to see the roasted peanuts available by the cash registers, and the mix it up Coke machines!
The girls went back for at least forty two refills.

After munching peanuts, we placed our order and waited a few minutes for our order to be called.
We were at the Five Guys in Wimbledon (there are actually a few locations in London), and it was packed at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday.
Everything is exactly like the locations in the US.
Even the sign telling you where the potatoes for today's fries were grown!
We all shared one order of fries, and we couldn't eat them all!

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

We wanted to do one London holiday experience this year as a family. So, I asked around and many people suggested going to Winter Wonderland - a German themed winter carnival that is set up in Hyde Park for about six weeks each winter. I was warned that it was expensive, but worth doing. 
I pre booked tickets for an ice skating session and the giant Ferris wheel. It was a Sunday afternoon before Christmas, and we arrived about 4pm and the crowds were large and just got bigger throughout the evening. 
The girls (and Chris) were eager to do a thrill ride right away.
They liked the looks of the swings that go way up in the air, but changed their minds after further thought.
Some pretty excited faces, when they realised they were indeed tall enough to ride whatever they wanted!
They finally settled on this one - the XXL - as their first ride.
Olivia went on a super scary ride all by herself next.
Next stop - ice skating!
Next, we rode the giant Ferris wheel. The wait was really too long for the Ferris wheel, I thought, but we went for the whole experience. The view was pretty great!
Last stop... Cotton candy! Or as the Brits call it - candy floss!