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30 June 2016

The Queen's Birthday Street Parties

The UK makes quite a to-do for the Queen's birthday. They encouraged everyone to hold street parties and celebrate. Totally fun!  So, throughout the weekend, many streets were cordoned off, bunting was hung, flags were flying, and parties were held. Some included rented bouncy castles, live music, visits from the local fire brigade and more! 

Although our own street didn't hold a street party, several nearby streets did, and friends who lived there invited us to attend with them.  The girls scootered over to the first one, and we found it to be great fun!
There were tents set up with tables full of fabulous food, and the Pimms Cup and wine were flowing!
The second party was also a ton of fun with live music playing (and a friend shared the story of a street party she attended in 2012 where there was a "cute ginger" playing guitar and singing. She didn't recognize him at the time, but later found out it was Ed Sheeran, who lived nearby at the time).
The local fire brigade brought out a truck and gave tours to all the children!
What a fun day!

Chick-fil-A comes to London!

A dear friend of mine here in London is a fellow Southern girl (from Georgia!), also named Melissa. She and I didn't know each other until we were connected through a mutual friend, as Melissa and her family prepared to move to London just a year after our family had moved here.  Melissa and her husband have two adorable girls who also attend the same school as my girls.
One day I saw on an American ExPat facebook page that Chick-fil-A would be doing a pop up store in London just for one day.
So, Melissa and I braved the rain and ventured into the city to have one of our favorites from the USA!
Chick-Fil-A rented out a local restaurant, Estancia Brasil, for their pop up.
We arrived early, so waited for just a bit in the rain.
We had made a reservation that included a small cow toy, a traditional chick-fil-a sandwhich meal and a drink.

We had such a blast and enjoyed talking with the company representatives that were milling around speaking with everyone about their experience. We even visited with a few fellow American ladies who had travelled several hours from a nearby town, just to visit the pop up!

07 June 2016

A London Quilt - Block 9

I saw this inspiration block today and thought a re-creation of the front doors of the houses we have lived in during our time in London would be a fun addition to my London quilt.
So, I started with my current front door...
I wasn't sure how to create the pear wreath, so I left that part out.

Fabrics chosen...
Starting to piece...
All done. Not as crazy about the finished produce. I may re-do this block at some point.