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31 March 2014

Shopping with Georgia

On a recent Friday, Olivia and Sophia had each been invited to friends' houses for play dates, so Georgia and I planned an afternoon of shopping - her favorite activity!
So, we headed to a large shopping center in the Southwest of London, not too far away from where we live.

 One of the stores we visited was Paperchase, a pretty neat stationery and paper goods store. We just window shopped there.

Clearly, a selfie...

The Gap.  Perhaps the next sweater for Chris's collection? ;)  And, a shopping trip with Georgia would never be complete without a visit to the bookstore!

We stopped into one of our favorite restaurants, Wagamama, for a snack of gyoza and edamame.

Our purchases from our shopping trip… a pink water bottle for me, and some cool knobs for Georgia's sewing machine cabinet.

24 March 2014

Regents Park

I had read about a store in the St. Johns Wood area of London that carried a large selection of American foods, as it caters to a larger than average American population in that neighborhood. So, I talked Chris into taking me there. We decided to make a day of it and go to a pub that Chris had visited when he was taking his MBA classes in London, as it is near the London School of Business. It is also near Regents Park, so the girls brought along their scooters and had fun riding around (and nearly missing running a few unsuspecting people over!).
We started at the Windsor Castle Pub. The Six Nations Rugby Tournament started that weekend, and there was a big game between Ireland and Italy on the televisions above the bar. There was a huge group of fans watching the game upstairs as well. From the sounds of the singing, they were Irish!
We left and walked past the London School of Business, and entered Regents Park.

As we were leaving the park, we saw this "No Skating No Cycling" painted on the path. Oops. I wonder if that means "No Scootering"??

As we walked toward the area where the grocery store was located, we walked right past the residence of the American Ambassador. I was excited to see the American flag flying over it. I love to see it on the rare occasions that I have seen it, it makes me appreciate it so much more.

Panzer's Delicatessen - where you, too can pay a ridiculous sum of money for Lucky Charms cereal. They aren't so magically delicious when you pay 7 pounds and 20 pence for them - $11.80! I only bought them because it was a St. Patrick's Day treat for the girls, but Chris shook his head about that purchase for the rest of the day. 
Next time, I am totally trying some of this pate.

22 March 2014

Wandsworth Common

One of the reasons that we chose the home we did was because it is so close to the girls' school. But, it is a really wonderful area because it is very close to two large commons.  The one that is closest to us is Wandsworth Common, and we have enjoyed going over there to play and spend time now that the weather is so much nicer.  January here was the wettest one in 100 years!  Spring has sprung here, there are daffodils blooming everywhere and there have been some beautiful sunny days.  Last weekend, it was in the 70s one day!
The pictures here are from a couple of different recent trips to Wandsworth Common

A friend sent us a Flat Stanley, so he got to go along to the common with us and play!

Georgia borrowed my phone and took a few selfies


You can just see the girls playing in a group of trees. They built a fort in there and played for an hour!

We scooter over to the common.

Chris was determined to read...