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24 May 2016

A London Quilt - Block 8

She sells the pattern for this gorgeous quilt, but again, hard to justify the purchase for only one quilt block. So, once again, I decided to create my own.

I folded some tracing paper in half and sketched out my crown. For once, I got lucky and only had to do it the one time!
I picked my fabrics, and left it to be completed another day.
I cut out the crown and decided to roughly zig zag it down as an appliqué.
Next... Some bling!
A large turquoise ric rac was topped with a dainty pale pink velvet ric rac, and the edges folded beneath the crown.
Hand sewn buttons complete the bling.

17 May 2016

A London Quilt - Block Seven

Since the free handed piecing of the teacup block went so well, I decided to try a fox.
I am including a fox in my UK quilt because there are estimated to be somewhere around 50,000 foxes living in London. I see them creep across the top of my garden wall, I've been awakened from a dead sleep from their obnoxiously loud mating noises, and I've seen them strolling down the street during my morning school runs, they are literally everywhere!!
I read this article last year and thought it was a hilarious comedic take on what it is like with the foxes here!

I began it one afternoon and then picked it back up another day. Compare the picture above and the one below - see my oops?

Like the teacup, I looked at a picture and just winged it!
All done!

Here is the inspiration block:

A London Quilt - block six

I have an inspiration board on Pinterest for possible UK quilt block ideas, and what UK quilt wouldn't be complete without a teacup?
So, I found my inspiration here - - which is a paper piecing block. I've not yet attempted paper piecing, so I decided just to freehand it and see how that worked out.
I'm not sure why, but I didn't take pictures in process of this one.

A London Quilt - block 5

Somehow, I have gotten out of order, but I'm going to call this block 5 to get back on track!
I did a Union Jack block and it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be!
I used an awesome tutorial - found here:

The tutorial is very specific in cutting and measurements - which I loved!
The first part of St. Andrew's Cross
Whoops - should have overlapped that a bit more!
That cut made me very nervous!
St. Andrew's Cross complete and lined up pretty well, I thought!
Another scary cut!

Almost done...
And... It's done!