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19 May 2017

Our Big Fat Greek Vacation - part one

We planned to go to Crete for our Easter vacation, and were thrilled that Mom and Kim were able to join us on the trip.

The island is gorgeous.

We arrived in Chania, and immediately headed out for the first of many excellent meals!

Our lunch spot for the day was a beach club.

The girls really enjoyed playing in the sand.

We rented a villa with a pool that made the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

We completed a puzzle, and almost completed a second puzzle, but just ran out of time!

We went for a walk near our villa and found a great cove to dive and swim in the ocean.

Old Town Chania was a great place to shop and eat.


Raki, a liquor from Crete was served complimentary after every meal.

Kim and the girls decided to do a fish pedicure.  Seriously bizarre, but they put their feet in the pools and the fish eat the dead skin off of their feet! They said that it tickled, but they loved it!

Sophia found these glasses while out walking one day, so Chris popped the lenses out of them and she proceeded to wear them around!

The girls went diving and swimming in the cove almost every day.

The view driving into Chania.

A drive out to the Cave of the Wisdom of God.

Much Pita Bread and Tzatziki was consumed while in Crete!

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice!

Unbelievably delicious shrimp.  They were so good, we begged the restaurant to sell us some, and they agreed! So we took a kilo home and grilled them for dinner!


Sunrise and Sunset were so beautiful!

Grocery shopping was interesting.  These are the most enormous cabbages on Earth.  The red eggs were dyed for Easter (a Greek tradition).


Nothing says a good wine pairing better than pringles!