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29 April 2016

A London Quilt - Block 4

So, I finished another quilt block today. And I have to say, it may be my favourite so far!
Here is my inspiration:
I found it here:

Sadly, no instructions, so I just sort of winged it and pieces it together.
Almost finished - and it came together pretty quickly!
My next block is in process and will be a teacup!

28 April 2016

A London Quilt - Block 3

I have completed another quilt block - yay me!
This one is an umbrella quilt block, since everyone knows that you must have a brolly with you at all times in London! 
My inspiration is here-

This talented quilt designer has created a pattern for an entire umbrella themed quilt that looks adorable. Since I am only doing this one block, I decided to wing it and see what I could create - freehand!
I sewed some fabrics together and used a jar lid to trace a circle - used a sharpie, all fancy like! ;)
Then I used another, smaller circle shape and a pencil to trace the bottom edge until I got something I liked. I left it a little larger than I wanted the finished product to be, since I am going to press the edges under.
All cut out.
And a few steam burns later, all pressed.
Pinned down with an umbrella handle in place. I plan to just zigzag the handle down.
One more umbrella, and all pinned and ready for sewing.

26 April 2016

A London Quilt - block 2

As I mentioned in a previous post (, I have begun what will likely be a loooong process of making a quilt to commemorate our time in the UK.
Here is block number 2:
It's hard to tell from this picture, but it will be a house. 
Here is my inspiration block:
And more in process:
And here it is complete!
I have already begun work on block 3, which will be one of several union jacks to adorn my quilt.
Wish me luck!

20 April 2016

Wimbledon Parkrun 2k

This morning, our girls took part in a free Parkrun at Wimbledon Park. The event is for juniors, kids up to age 14 and it is free to do. G has been wanting to run a 5k and we found this run and thought it might be fun for all three girls to do it. Chris even ran it with them!
Sally was very disappointed to not be able to run with them.
It was incredibly muddy!
G finished 18th!

15 April 2016

Imperial War Museum

Another family outing has found us at the Imperial War Museum.
We went specifically to see this exhibit, but there was no photography allowed inside the exhibit.

Borough Market

We love Borough Market and try to visit it regularly. We have some favourite stalls that we just can't pass by.
Here is the listing I found in this book:

We take the tube from our local station to the London Bridge stop on the Northern line.
I have to say, having now lived in a city with a fantastic public mass transit system, I will really miss the ability to get anywhere, relatively quickly, really Inexpensively.
Across from Borough Market