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20 November 2015


Here we are - on our very first trip to Italy - spending a few days in Rome. The girls have two days off school, so we flew out early yesterday morning from London to Rome and met chris here. We went straight to the hotel and checked in and went in search of lunch!
Pasta ala carbonara
Mozzarella and rocket (arugula)
Grilled vegetables
Bistecca (steak)

After lunch, we wandered around a bit on the way back to our hotel. Being in the area of the Trevi fountain, it was quite touristy.

Our afternoon was spent on a walking tour that was an amazing way to see things.
There are fountains with fresh water all over Rome. Our guide says the rule is
That if your mouth can reach it, you can drink it. Our girls have taken advantage of trying each one we've seen!
The window displays are to die for!
Part of the old Romain wall from around 275 AD

We wandered down a street known for artists...
The house Gregory Peck's character lived in during the movie Roman Holiday
The Spanish Steps - closed off currently for restoration in preparation for the upcoming Jubilee.
The Pantheon 118-128 AD - still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome
Georgia asked our gu de what his favorite story about the areas we were seeing was, and he shared this one... Forgive the paraphrasing... The Benedictine monks here wanted to commission a statue of an elephant and the artist planned to leave the space below the belly and between the legs empty as in real life. The monks refused to allow him because they insisted it wouldn't be able to bear the weight of the above monolith. So the artist didn't like it but he did it as they demanded. But when he installed the statue, he turned the elephant 90 degrees so their is what greeted the monks when they exited their building
Random Greek statue - all that remains is the left foot
Trevi fountain
Dinner! Caprese salad and...
Fillet of beef with pepper

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