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02 April 2014

Catching up...

I usually have collections of photos to share with a certain event or outing that we have done.  But, invariably, I end up with a few random photos that don't seem to go with a big blog post and kind of get lost in the shuffle. So forgive these kind of unrelated photos of our recent weeks…

It is definitely Spring in London and daffodils are blooming all over the place - in the commons, and in the gardens of homes we pass by. They are such happy, hopeful flowers, aren't they?  We recently discovered that our local grocery carries them and they are only 1 pound per bunch, so we bought them and then the girls enjoyed seeing how they opened up a bit more each day.  They lasted over a week, and we totally got our money's worth from them!

The girls have all participated in an after school drama club this past term. Georgia at the upper school, and Olivia and Sophia together at the lower school.  Sophia was little billy goat gruff in the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Sophia was the shopkeeper in The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  I don't have pictures of Georgia's play, but she was Jo in a scene from Little Women. They all did very well and seemed to really enjoy it.  Next term, Georgia has signed up for Musical Theatre, and Volleyball, and Olivia and Sophia have signed up for Tennis and Cookery.

What is it?  It is my brand new vacuum cleaner!  I loved the pink Dyson that I had in the US, so I purchased a Dyson for here too.  With the differences in electricity voltage and hertz, not to mention the plugs being different, my Mom currently has custody of my American Dyson.  Sadly, I couldn't buy a pink one. But, as is typical, the Dyson is just such an exceptional vacuum cleaner, that I was grossed out in no time by the funk it picked up off our floors. 

We visited Franco Manca again, the pizza place we really like. 

When we went to the store (Panzer's) in St. Johns Wood that carried all of the different American foods, I also picked up a couple of these yogurts. Not that I had any idea how they would taste, but because they came in these totally cute little clay pots. I mean, really, wouldn't you buy them just for the cute pots?  Well, imagine my surprise when I tore off the foil, dipped in my spoon and tasted the absolute, hands down, best yogurt I have ever had in my life.  The yogurt was delicious, and the pots are adorable!  I wish I had bought a dozen of them!

I recently woke up on a lazy Sunday morning to a cute little freckle faced kid who said "Mama, will you play Chutes and Ladders with me?"  I wiped the sleep from my eyes, and said, "Of course, baby, climb up here." The smile that lit up her face made playing Chutes and Ladders at 6 am on a Sunday morning the best way to wake up!

Tried a new pinterest hairstyle out on Georgia the other day.  She wanted pigtails, so I tried out this version that is done without a part down the middle. Totally easy and pretty cute.

We took the girls to McDonalds for happy meals the other day.  Their "toy" was a plastic cup from The Lego Movie.  The looks on their faces told me that they did not think a plastic cup made a very good happy meal toy.

Drove down Baker Street the other day, so I snapped a picture of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. There was a long line of people waiting to get in.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?  The year three kids recently put on a performance of The Wind in the Willows. It was Awesome. Really. Really. Awesome. And I am not saying that because of my cute little Stoat. I will admit that as far as school plays go, I have seen a few duds. Some that made you really count off the minutes until you would be released from that unique brand of torture.  This performance was crazy good. The kids were well prepared and the sets, costumes and make up were really, really cool.  Olivia was at the door with her friend, Helena, and I did not even recognize her!

Hopefully I will be able to share pictures at some point of Georgia's year 6 class play.  They performed Cole Porter's "Anything Goes".  And, I should not have been so surprised since I had just seen Olivia's group put on such an outstanding play. But, I was totally blown away.  A group of 10 and 11 year old girls put on a musical theatre production that was really awesome.  And, the champagne cocktail that we were greeted with at the door and the wine served at intermission only made it even better ;)  But, seriously, it was crazy good and super impressive that this group of girls put on a 2 hour musical and acted and sang their hearts out.

I can't believe I haven't already mentioned this, but you can have just about anything delivered here.  I have my groceries delivered once a week, and now that I have discovered that the wine store delivers, I may never leave home again! Just joking!


  1. I think you have beautiful children, and a fabulous way of describing all of the experiences. Of course, there's every chance I may be prejudiced.

  2. I have the same dyson! DC41... love it. I bought mine because you raved about yours. Wish mine was pink. LOL