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24 April 2014

Portabello Road

On a recent Saturday, Chris had arranged for us to meet up for brunch with a group of his fellow MBA program students from Columbia and LBS. There was to be quite a crowd of us as many would be bringing children and spouses along.  We took the train to the Notting Hill area of town, and had a lovely, leisurely brunch at the restaurant.

Afterwards, since we cannot seem to pass up the chance to visit a market, we walked over to Portabello Road to experience the famed Portabello Road Market.  It is very, very neat, and very busy, as many tourists place it on their lists of things to do in London. But, we enjoyed it, nonetheless.  I had my eye on a set of demitasse spoons at an antiques stall, but Chris dragged me away before I could even ask how much they cost! That stinker!


The restaurant was called Notting Hill Kitchen. The food was quite good and as you can see from the pictures above, the girls loved dessert.  Here all dessert is called pudding, whether it is cake or ice cream or whatever.  

The girls and I really love Cath Kidston. We have yet to buy anything there but love all the cuteness!

Chris loved the name of this place! 

The girls thought that fresh coconut water was outstanding! 

And, we always get suckered in by the paella cooking in these huge pots. Once again, we were not disappointed - it was awesome!

And we brought home tulips!

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