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20 March 2016

The Honest Italian

One of our favourite local restaurants to visit, is a tiny little place called The Honest Italian. It is on Balham High Road, and is only six tables and some bar/counter seats. The girls love that there is a chalkboard wall near the loo, where they can create the next Mona Lisa!
The menu is not extensive, but I pretty much think the secret of success for a restaurant is to keep things simple and what you offer, do it really, really well. And they do, oh do they ever!
The girls and I have started visiting on Sunday afternoons and enjoy some card playing and a leisurely meal. The service speed is super fast, so, the food arrives without delay!
One of the girls' favourite parts is the fresh squeezed orange juice.
They enjoy watching this magic machine almost as much as they enjoy drinking it!
They drink it quickly and then switch to water.
I would love to show you our standard starter, but before I could grab my camera, our plates of caprese and bruschetta looked like this!
The girls were almost too fast for me again! This is a pizza that Sophia and Olivia shared - the proscuitto pizza and they devoured it in record time!

This is Georgia's lasagna...
And my aubergine Parmesan (aka eggplant Parmesan). It is my go-to dish - delish! The eggplant isn't breaded, so it's just yummy without a lot of fattening fillers!

Come visit us in London and I'll take you to The Honest Italian!

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