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30 June 2016

Chick-fil-A comes to London!

A dear friend of mine here in London is a fellow Southern girl (from Georgia!), also named Melissa. She and I didn't know each other until we were connected through a mutual friend, as Melissa and her family prepared to move to London just a year after our family had moved here.  Melissa and her husband have two adorable girls who also attend the same school as my girls.
One day I saw on an American ExPat facebook page that Chick-fil-A would be doing a pop up store in London just for one day.
So, Melissa and I braved the rain and ventured into the city to have one of our favorites from the USA!
Chick-Fil-A rented out a local restaurant, Estancia Brasil, for their pop up.
We arrived early, so waited for just a bit in the rain.
We had made a reservation that included a small cow toy, a traditional chick-fil-a sandwhich meal and a drink.

We had such a blast and enjoyed talking with the company representatives that were milling around speaking with everyone about their experience. We even visited with a few fellow American ladies who had travelled several hours from a nearby town, just to visit the pop up!

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