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30 June 2016

The Queen's Birthday Street Parties

The UK makes quite a to-do for the Queen's birthday. They encouraged everyone to hold street parties and celebrate. Totally fun!  So, throughout the weekend, many streets were cordoned off, bunting was hung, flags were flying, and parties were held. Some included rented bouncy castles, live music, visits from the local fire brigade and more! 

Although our own street didn't hold a street party, several nearby streets did, and friends who lived there invited us to attend with them.  The girls scootered over to the first one, and we found it to be great fun!
There were tents set up with tables full of fabulous food, and the Pimms Cup and wine were flowing!
The second party was also a ton of fun with live music playing (and a friend shared the story of a street party she attended in 2012 where there was a "cute ginger" playing guitar and singing. She didn't recognize him at the time, but later found out it was Ed Sheeran, who lived nearby at the time).
The local fire brigade brought out a truck and gave tours to all the children!
What a fun day!

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