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03 July 2016

Black Tie Leaver's Dinner

The school does a really beautiful send off for it's Year 8 girls, they call leavers.  The weeks preceding the finish of the school year are filled with activities, the Common Entrance Exam celebrations I mentioned in another post, but also there were events like Staff vs. Leavers Rounders match, Parents vs. Leavers Rounders match (sadly had to be cancelled due to weather, a Hog Roast, and the Leavers Black Tie Dinner. 
Georgia was excited to have her Dad wear his dress uniform. 
The school took a photo of each leaver wither parents as we arrived.
Chris mugging for the camera with one of the ladies' handbags!
Happy Mums!
Chris with the school's headmistress.
Happy girls with the headmistress.
We finished the night with friends at our local pub!

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