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02 July 2016

End of Common Entrance Celebrations

At the end of Year 8 (equivalent to 7th grade in the States), students either go off to boarding school, or go to a day school in London (called Senior School). To enter either boarding school, or day school, entrance exams have to be taken. These exams are like SATs, at the age of 13!  So, needless to say, they are prepared for extensively.  For boarding schools, the exams are called Common Entrance Exams.  The day school exams are mostly completed in January, but the Common Entrance Exams take place in June. So, to celebrate the end of Common Entrance Exams, there is quite a celebration planned by the parents and school.  The girls finished lessons early, and all congregated in the school's front garden, where they were presented with their leavers' hoodies. They were all able to choose a color they liked, and the designs were all the same, which included their names, and the names of all of the leavers inside the numbers on the back.
They were super excited to receive their hoodies and all had fun modeling them for the many parents who were there to take pictures and see them off to the day's adventures!
The day's adventures included the girls traveling into town from school in Humvee limousines!  There were multiple limos and the girls all piled inside, with music blaring!
The girls all headed into town for lunch, followed by pedalos (what they call paddle boating) on the Serpentine in Hyde Park! 
We picked up the girls from Hyde Park and discovered some hot and tired girls, as it was a truly gorgeous day in London!  They were exhausted, but certainly exhilarated by their day!

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