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06 February 2015

Last weekend...

Saturday was a bit of a rainy day, so Olivia and Sophia decided to spend the day immersed in Legos! They got a ton of Lego Friends sets last Christmas and haven't played with them all that much over the past year, but they re-discovered them this weekend, and buried our kitchen table in them. They have played with them every day since then.

On Sunday, the girls had their first gymnastics competition. They have only been taking gymnastics for the past three weeks, but the programs here have competitions for gymnasts at every level. They are judged on basic tumbling skills. It is a pretty neat way for them to get the experience and to see gymnasts at all levels compete.  So, we traveled to the host gym, about 40 minutes away (and only 12 miles!!) and spent the afternoon. The girls absolutely loved it and their coaches complimented them on how hard-working they are.

After, we stopped off at a pub that overlooks the Thames and had a traditional Sunday Roast meal.

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