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03 February 2015

How I'm spending my days...

So, we are moving.  Or as the British say, "moving house".  We aren't actually moving the house, of course, but we are moving everything in it. And, for the record, "yes, I realize that I have way too much stuff".  This is our first non-military, non-corporate move. So, that means we are footing the bill. And, therefore, that means I'm doing all the packing. Chris actually had the nerve to say that we could do it just like we do the packing for trips that we take... he packs his stuff and I pack everything else.  He said it over the phone and then laughed himself silly. Had he said it in person, he might not actually have had the ability to laugh!

So, this is what my life looks like right now...

These were the boxes I ordered while I was waiting to make a decision on what moving company to hire (who would provide us with boxes).  What you see here should move a 3-4 bedroom house according to the box company. Uh. huh. Not so much.

Sally (if she could talk) would say, "What is going on around here???"

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