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07 December 2015

A Sunday adventure

We decided to try a fun new restaurant we read about, so we took the tube into town and then a quick bus ride and ended up at Brick Lane at a cafe called "Cereal Killer" that features over 150 types of British and American cereal.
It is a very popular place and we had to wait quite a bit, which gave the girls enough time to change their minds about 
twelve times!
First you choose what size bowl (small, medium or large) and what type of cereal and then what flavour milk and then what toppings you would like.
They also have a huge selection of pop tarts!
This is called a stacked hot chocolate - it was unreal! To avoid a sugar coma, we all shared the one.
Afterwards, we needed to burn off some energy, so we decided to do some more exploring. We took the bus to Kings Cross to see Harry Potter's platform 9 and 3/4.
Then we went next door to St. Pancras to do some window shopping ...
There are some new scarves on my Christmas wish list!
We also saw the famous Disney character Christmas tree!
We stayed out so long - it was time to eat again, so we ended up at our favourite conveyor belt sushi stop - Yo! Sushi.

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