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16 December 2015

Teacher, Neighbor and Friend Christmas Gift

This is my current favourite gift for giving to those you would like to give a thoughtful little something that won't break the bank!
 Last year I did them in glass jars, because I happened to have a bunch,. This year, I priced jars and decided against using them, which worked out just fine.

This year, I used small cellophane food safe bags. Oops, they were a bit smaller than I had planned and the orange wouldn't fit. Not a deal breaker, I had also purchased small food storage bags (the ones with twist ties) for the nutmeg and cloves, so I bagged up the oranges in those.
The recipe is:
One orange
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
Cinnamon stick
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon whole cloves 

I decided on an assembly line approach. 
First I took my small food storage bags and cut the top half off to make them shorter - to eliminate bulk inside the gift when assembling. I put the whole cloves and nutmeg in each bag and tied them closed with red and white bakers twine. I love, love, love bakers twine!

Once I had all my little baggies, I started on the main part - using the cello bags, I placed inside one small Baggie of nutmeg and cloves and a cinnamon stick, then filled in with the cranberries.
(What a mess! Not really, though, you use up pretty much everything and clean up is a cinch)
I tied the tops of each bag with a long piece of bakers twine that I didn't tie completely, as I will use this to tie the bag with the orange together and add the printed tag.
Now, for the oranges.
Here, navel oranges are called navelina, apparently!
I used the small food storage bags and put in one orange and tied the bag closed with bakers twine.
The tag printable can be found here - 

Now, you could get fancy and print on card stock or glossy paper, but for me, the point of this is to keep it simple and not add any stress to the busy Chriatmas season, so I just printed on regular old paper and cut them out.
I use a small hole punch that works better than the standard size. 

Here they all are-

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