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02 December 2015

Culinary tour - part 2

After we left the market, we walked through a park and then over to some very impressive churches
An ancient ruin - now overrun with cats!
We stopped off for cappuccino and cioccolata calda (hot chocolate).
Byzantine art

This includes part of the actual nativity cradle.
One of the four holy doors that will be opened by Pope Francis for the jubilee on December 8th.

And naturally after all that culture, we were hungry again.
Best pork in Rome. And it was!
Time for cannoli!

And much later... After our tour of the Vatican, Chris found us a great neighbourhood cafe . 
Loved the birdcages filled with beer bottles!

And then even later, we went to a restaurant recommended to us and tried various local delicacies.
Best thing we tried - fettuccini with oxtail.

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