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01 April 2016

A London quilt

I was inspired by a quilt I saw on Pinterest that had been made to honour the 2012 Olympics and started pinning some ideas for quilt blocks to commemorate our time in London.
I started work today, although, I anticipate that this quilt will be a labor of love and take a loooooong time to complete.
For my first block - Queen Elizabeth tower and Big Ben. Most of us just know it as Big Ben, but that is actually just the clock. The tower is called the Queen Elizabeth tower. 
Here is my inspiration block - 
I found it on Pinterest and it is on this blog-

No instructions were included, so I decided to wing it!
I gathered some fabrics together. Quite a few are strike offs that I used to create something for Barij, from her first fabric collection. (

And I started cutting and sewing...
I'm not quite finished, but it is coming along nicely, I think!
All done! 

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