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28 April 2016

A London Quilt - Block 3

I have completed another quilt block - yay me!
This one is an umbrella quilt block, since everyone knows that you must have a brolly with you at all times in London! 
My inspiration is here-

This talented quilt designer has created a pattern for an entire umbrella themed quilt that looks adorable. Since I am only doing this one block, I decided to wing it and see what I could create - freehand!
I sewed some fabrics together and used a jar lid to trace a circle - used a sharpie, all fancy like! ;)
Then I used another, smaller circle shape and a pencil to trace the bottom edge until I got something I liked. I left it a little larger than I wanted the finished product to be, since I am going to press the edges under.
All cut out.
And a few steam burns later, all pressed.
Pinned down with an umbrella handle in place. I plan to just zigzag the handle down.
One more umbrella, and all pinned and ready for sewing.

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