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22 March 2017

Mad Hatter Tea Party, Part Six - Activities!

We did three activities during the tea party, aside from the eating: decorating cupcakes, decorating teacups, and "pin the grin" on the cheshire cat.

For the cupcake decorating, I pre-made and frosted the cupcakes.  Then, I took these paint palettes and arranged a variety of sprinkles in each compartment.

I placed the cupcake in the center of the palette and let the girls go crazy.  Since there was  large number of girls at the party, we split them into two groups. One group was decorating cupcakes while the other was painting their teacups. Then they switched.

It is a tradition here in the UK to send the birthday party attendees home with their birthday cake, instead of them actually consuming it at the party itself. And that serves as their party favor. I have to say that I think that NOT sending home a baggie of silly little junky toys as birthday favors like we tend to do in the US, is a far better idea!  Our birthday party attendees placed their decorated cupcakes into their decorated teacups and took them home as favors! 

For tea cup decorating, I covered my table with brown Kraft paper, in order to protect it. What I didn't anticipate was that the girls would have a blast drawing all over the table covering!

I purchased Sharpie paint pens and plain white teacups from a restaurant supply store (only 1 pound per cup!) and gave the girls some simple instructions  regarding the permanence of paint pens.

I found an excellent tutorial online that provided instructions for heat setting their designs and sent home a small tag attached to each cup with the directions so their parents could do this part with them at home. 

We ended the party with a game of "pin the grin" on the cheshire cat!

I had found an inspiration picture on pinterest, and drew out mine freehand.

(the inspiration pic)

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