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15 March 2017

Mad Hatters Tea Party, Part Three - Mini Top Hats!

Another project I created were top hat headbands for every child attending to wear.

Here is the picture of my pinterest inspiration:

The blog that the pinterest picture leads to provides a very good tutorial on how to make the hats. You can find it here:

And here is blog post to find out how to create the paper flowers that I chose to adorn our top hats:

I did take some snapshots of my assembly of one of the top hats, for reference.

The first step was to attach the hat band. I used some simple twill tape that I had on hand, but ribbon would work nicely as well.

Then, I attached the circle for the hat's brim. I just traced the cup's rim onto colored card stock, and then added an extra inch or so before cutting to get the desired width. The original blog poster used circle cutters, but since I didn't own any and didn't want to spend the money to purchase, I just winged it and cut them all out by hand.  Took longer for sure, but was cheaper!

Next, I attached the circle for the top of the hat.  Again, just traced the cup and added a smidge. I used hot glue for all of the glueing.

Next, I attached the flowers I made.

Next, I glued on the headband. Whoops! Note why doing these late at night, while having a glass of wine, wasn't the best idea!

Now, the headband is attached properly!

To finish them off, I added a silver glittery monogram to each of the flower centers.  You know us Southern girls can't resist a monogram! I already had the letters and was lucky enough to have enough to put each child's first initial on their hats!

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