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14 March 2017

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Part Two - Photo Booth Props

Since I last posted, the party has taken place. So, I have more pictures to share with you.  It was great fun and I have heard from many of the Mums that their girls had a great time.

One of the projects I completed for the party was to create a set of photo booth props. I found this picture on pinterest:

I set out to recreate it using colored card stock. As it turns out, my card stock didn't have the stability I thought the props would need, so I drew out all the colored pieces freehand, and then glued them to a backing of posterboard to make sure they would be extra sturdy before attaching  the wooden sticks.  I am sure that I could have purchased sticks to use, but as I was trying to be frugal, I simply used some wooden skewers that I already had on hand.  I made sure, however, that the pointy end of the skewer was secured to the back of the props, so there wouldn't be any sharp points sticking out!

Here are the props that I created:

And here is the Birthday Girl and her Bestie having some fun with them!

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