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30 January 2014

An Eye on London...

This past Saturday, we decided the weather was clear and nice enough to go on the London Eye.  We have been wanting to do it since we arrived, but it was closed for annual maintenance right after the new year, and then the weather hasn't always been nice enough to make it worth the cost.
We often see rainy windscreens (windshields) while driving around. On the day I took this photo, it was actually hail!

But on this pretty Saturday, we went to the roof of our apartment and only saw blue skies!

Waiting for the double decker bus

The girls eating treats while waiting for our turn to board


The street performers near the waterfront

After we left The Eye, we wandered down the waterfront to find a street food market we had read about. It was even better than the one in Greenwich. We understand there are tons of these all over London.  We will be doing some good eatin'! :)

What??? No cream? No butter? No eggs?  This I HAVE to try!  I did, and they were phenomenal!

After we filled our bellies with some really delicious treats, we walked over to Waterloo Station and hopped on the tube to Clapham Common.

We grabbed a coffee at the Black Lab Coffee Shop (of course!!) and walked over to one of the playgrounds in Clapham Common.  It seemed like it was all of a sudden that the skies overhead turned really grey, the air turned really cold, and the wind started whipping!  That didn't slow the girls down much though!

I will blog tomorrow about the restaurant we chose in Clapham to eat for dinner… Bodeans BBQ!

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