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31 January 2014

Bodeans BBQ

I met a couple of American moms from Broomwood Hall and one of them is from Texas. She mentioned eating at Bodeans BBQ and that it was probably as close to American BBQ as we could get in London.

I have been craving some tastes from home, so I talked Chris into taking the girls and I there to eat last Saturday evening.
We walked up the street to the restaurant just as the bottom dropped out of the sky and it started raining hard (surprise, surprise)! We were so close, we didn't bother with umbrellas, we just made a dash for it. We stood dripping inside the door and soaked up the yummy smells as we waited for the host to appear. We were excited by the two empty tables we could see from where we were.  We had investigated online, ahead of time, so we knew that reservations weren't required.  The host appeared and told us it would be a 20-30 minute wait. Um, okay, so what about those empty tables? We asked him and he said there were people waiting ahead of us. Um, okay, so where are they? We couldn't see anyone else waiting, and he directed us to the small bar in the back of the dining room and said we could wait there.  Um, okay, nobody was waiting there either. Well, might as well have a drink while we wait…
Tried this cider. Not my favorite.  

We sat at the bar for at least 10 minutes before the host sat someone at one of the two empty tables and it was another 5 minutes before he sat someone at the second empty table.  About 5 more minutes and a table opened up and he sat us there.  So, our wait was right at 20 minutes. 
I have been doing some reading about some of the differences between the US and UK, and one of the books mentioned that restaurants approach table turnover quite differently. The UK just isn't that concerned with turnover frequency. There could be some perks there, nobody rushing you to finish your meal and leave.  

We were seated at our table at 4:58 pm - no wisecracks about us eating early - we were hungry!!  I noticed on the kids menus that kids eat free with each adult on weeknights and on Saturdays before 5pm. Hot dignity!  We asked our server if they would honor that as it was just after 5pm by the time he strolled by.  He checked with the manager and they said no problem! The kids' meals are 5 pounds each and include dessert - so a good deal even if they weren't free.  

Chris and I decided to share the meal platter for two which included spare ribs, baby back ribs, chicken,  pulled pork, cole slaw and sweet potato fries.  O.M.G. - it was that good.  We demolished it in no time flat!

Sophia's meal was ribs and chips (french fries)

Bon Jovi played on the stereo and football on TVs around the restaurant, but not the football we would have been watching in an American BBQ joint.

We finished off our meal with another cider - much better than the other one.

Overall, the food was great, the atmosphere was good, and the prices reasonable. We will definitely go back!

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