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08 January 2014

First Day of School

Our girls are attending a school called Broomwood Hall. We chose it for a few different reasons, and have been extremely happy that it seems like it will be a really exceptional place for them to be and to learn.
They have been welcomed by the school and their teachers seem very nice.
It is a British private school. Georgia attends the Upper School that goes from year 4 to 8 (American equivalent of 3rd grade to 7th grade), and Sophia and Olivia both attend the Lower School that goes from Prep to year 3 (American equivalent of preschool to grade 2).

Outside the Upper School

Most British schools, private or public, have uniforms of some sort.  The girls' school has really adorable uniforms. The upper and lower schools have slightly different versions of the uniform.
There are also slightly different uniforms for the winter and summer.

For Olivia and Sophia, they wear navy blue mary-jane style shoes, tights (navy or red) or socks (navy), a navy and white checked pleated skirt (with over the shoulder straps), a white blouse with a peter-pan collar, a navy jumper (pullover sweater), a coat, and a hat.

They also have uniforms for games (physical education) - a white polo, a long sleeve fitted shirt for warmth, warm-up pants and trainers (sneakers/tennis shoes), and a fleece pullover.
Georgia wears navy blue mary-jane style shoes, tights or socks (navy only), a navy and white checked pleated kilt, a white blouse with a peter-pan collar, a navy button-up cardigan with red buttons, and a blazer. Georgia's games clothes are very similar to the younger girls.

They all have the same navy blue backpack, and a blue gym bag. They carry their games clothes to school at the start of the week and bring them home at the end of the week for laundering.

As you can see, it is still dark when we leave our apartment to take the girls to school. We park in a nearby garage and cross busy streets to get there, and then drive to their schools, it takes about 30 minutes and traffic is heavy.

We almost had a calamity on the way to school, as the wind blew off Sophia's hat (now we know the elastic strap isn't just to hang your hat up with), it went into the street and she tried to go after it. Thankfully there was another pedestrian who stopped her and scooped up the hat for her! Yikes!

 Sophia's teacher helping her get settled on her first day.
 Olivia's classroom.

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