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21 January 2014

Quirky Photos I have taken ...

As you have probably already noticed, I snap photos with my iPhone all day long. It seems like I am always seeing something I find interesting, or something I might want to blog about, or just something I want to remember for later.

Here are a few things I have snapped photos of lately…

Bodean's BBQ.  I met an American mom at the girls' school who is from Texas and she says that Bodean's has pretty good barbecue and probably the closest to home she has found here.  I can't wait to try it.

I shared a picture of a package of Haggis that I took at the grocery store the other day and then I saw this article in a local grocery store newspaper that explained what it is! (Click on the picture to blow up the picture so you can read it better.)  It does refer to a main ingredient as "offal". Hmmm. What is "offal" - because it doesn't sound appetizing to me.  I looked it up. It still doesn't sound appetizing.
Offal /ˈɒfəl/,[1] also called variety meats or organ meats, especially[citation needed] in the United States, refers to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal.

I saw this old Land Rover driving the other day.  I like how the back window looks like and escape hatch.  It looks a little like a tank. Maybe I should be driving one of those?!

I was requested by my friend, Tom Beecher, to keep track of the different beers I try.  So far, I have only had these two ciders.  But, stand by… I will keep at it! ;)

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