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22 May 2014

Glass Noodles

Have you discovered glass noodles yet? Chris had been ordering them when we went out to eat at one of our favorite Asian places, Wagamama. So, I thought I would give them a try at home.

Since we adopted a primal type of diet, the things we find we miss the most are pasta and pizza. We have found a few gluten free crusts, and have made some really great cauliflower crust for pizza. But, gluten free pasta always leaves us feeling kind of blah. It is okay in a pinch, but the texture never seems quite right. Glass noodles are gluten free, but not strictly paleo, so keep that in mind. They are made with peas, green beans and water. However, I believe the green beans are mung beans, and as far as I can tell by researching, they aren't approved paleo.  But, I figure cheating with a vegetable isn't all that bad.

So, I checked the regular grocery store here and didn't find glass noodles, so I checked Amazon. And I ordered what I thought was three packages. Only, I made a mistake and ordered twelve packages instead. Oops.
I just hoped we actually  liked cooking with them and I wasn't going to be stuck trying to foist my grocery ordering error on my family for some time to come. 
Well, what I discovered was that I am in LOVE with glass noodles. They don't require boiling, so you just boil water, and throw them in and turn the burner off. They absorb the water for a few minutes and they are all ready!  The texture is perfect and the flavor is awesome for Asian cooking.  I have made a Coconut Curry, a Pad Thai, and the stir-fry you see below.  

Yummo!  I highly recommend you pick some up. If you can't find them at your local grocery, try an Asian food store, or Amazon!

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