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12 May 2014

The Divergent Post… also known as "I am the best Mother in the world!"

Georgia and I both read the Divergent series of books by Veronica Roth, and enjoyed them very much.  So, about a month ago, I read that the Divergent European movie premiere was coming up, and in honor of that, Leicester Square was going to be hosting a big fan event. Basically, they would be turning the square into a big Dauntless training area. It would be free to enter and would be going on all day Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday would be the big red carpet premiere with the movie's stars at a theatre that borders the square.
I imagined that Sunday would be insanely crowded and Chris, God bless him, might agree to escort  us down there but he would not be pleased to discover that I had dragged him to the middle of a mob scene.
Georgia was beyond excited to be going, and I have to say that I think it lived up to her expectations.
The view of Leicester Square as we approached.


We received our wristbands for entry

 The rock climbing wall was so fun that we did it twice!  The wall rotates up as they climb and then the operator can tilt it to make it more challenging.

The laser shooting range

We were all tested to see what faction we belonged in.  Chris, Olivia, and I were all Erudite, while Georgia was Dauntless and Sophia and was Divergent.

The girls posed for their movie poster! They were inserted into the movie poster as either Tris or Four.

 Georgia did her best "dauntless" impression. I guess it worked because she impressed the fan event cast members so much that they gave her...

Free passes to the Divergent London movie premiere the following day!!!

So, we had to try to rock climbing wall again...

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