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14 May 2014

The Divergent Movie Premiere

So, since Georgia won tickets and passes for us to see the London movie premiere of Divergent, this is how we spent Mothering Sunday (also known as Mother's Day).  Chris took Olivia and Sophia to see the Lego Movie, and Georgia and I hopped on the tube and went back to Liecester Square.

I have to admit that we were both hoping to get a glimpse (okay maybe up close and personal) of this guy…

The cool movie posters that the girls got to make the day before

Our pass that went with bracelets that allowed us entry!

First we went to get a snack at a restaurant next to the theatre.

It's not every day that you see a young adult author walking the red carpet with the whole celebrity treatment! Yay Veronica Roth!
Georgia was so excited to be walking the same red carpet that the stars were!!

 Shailene Woodley

Theo James

Kate Winslet

 Director - Neil Burger

The stars came into the theater where we were waiting with our movie t-shirt swag!

It was a truly awesome experience!

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