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30 January 2015

Sneak Peek of our new house...

Good news! We found a house! If you are reading my blog everyday (thanks, Mom), then you read the other day that we found a new house.  We are planning to move around Valentine's Day.

It is an Edwardian rowhouse on a really nice street not too far from where we are now. It will be maybe a 15 minute walk to the girls' school. From what a friend told me, the main difference between a Victorian house and and Edwardian house is that the Victorian tends to be narrow and tall and deep, whereas the Edwardian is a little wider, tall, but not as deep.  
This new home has a finished basement (with a wine cellar, be still my heart) and is about 2200 square feet, where the house we live in now is only about 1600 square feet.  It has a very quirky, modern kitchen (pictures to come later). All of the girls will have their own rooms, and I will have a sewing studio (yay!).  And that neat triangular window you see in the picture above is in Olivia's room, she totally loves it!

I will post pictures of the inside once we get unpacked (you know, in a year!) LOL!  

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  1. Yeah! So glad you found a place~ can't wait to see pics!!!