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18 February 2014

A Birthday Celebration...

Sophia turned 7 years old on February 7th, and since we are still in a temporary apartment and still figuring out how birthday parties are done here… we talked her into doing a family birthday celebration this year instead.  We were fortunate that a new movie was set to debut on her birthday, so we really talked that up and she was especially looking forward to her birthday and seeing the movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  We planned to follow it up by taking her birthday shopping so she could choose presents from her Grandma and Grandpa and her Nana and Poppy and us.
All during the week, we spotted buses with the advertisement for the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie on it.

I remembered to pack our Happy Birthday banner in my suitcase before we left California - yay Mom! - and I hung it for her to see when she woke up on her birthday!

The movie theatre we would be going to - CineWorld - is at a shopping mall, so we parked in the garage and strolled around a bit before the movie was to start.

The girls had a blast in the bookstore.


Snacks for the movie! Wine gums are gummy bear type candies, by the way. Darn.  Such promise! ;)

The movie was very entertaining. The girls loved it, and Chris and I noticed that, as seems typical of a good kid's movie these days, there were times when more adults than kids were laughing!

After the movie, we stopped at Ed's Diner in the food court for a round of milkshakes!

We were surprised to see that stores in the mall close early, and not necessarily all at the same time! Most seemed to close at 6pm, but some seemed to close at 7pm or 8pm, even though the mall and restaurants and cinema (movie theater) were still open!

Tomorrow… birthday shopping at the Westfield mall here - biggest mall in Europe! Chris cannot wait! ;)

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  1. Oh my, that baby girl is 7?? I know that can't be true.