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20 February 2014

Golden Union Fish and Chips

The girls and I have been craving quality Fish and Chips for a couple of weeks now. We tend to crave them on Sundays, and we have yet to find a Fish and Chips shop that is open on Sunday. I have to admit, I don't really understand that.  Except that a) restaurants are not open 7 days a week here, and the fish and chips guys take off Sundays… b) pubs do a big Sunday roast dinner here and everyone goes there for meals on Sundays…  c) that's it. I don't have a c.
So, on this particular Friday, it was the last day of school before the half term break, so the girls got out of school at noon.  Sophia had been invited to lunch with a school friend before going to a birthday party. So, it was just Georgia and Olivia and me.
I researched to find a recommended Fish and Chips place that could be easily reached by Tube, and I found Golden Union. It was a short tube ride to the Oxford Circus tube stop and a super quick walk from there.

When we arrived, the place was crowded! All of the tables were taken, and there were quite a few people waiting for take away.  The waitress/hostess came over and brought us a menu to look at while we waited and was very friendly.  She told Olivia it would be about a five minute wait and asked if that would be okay. She made a face at the waitress and the waitress laughed and I apologized and explained that we were all really hungry!  The waitress said that Olivia had given her quite a look! I laughed and explained that in the Southern United States, we call that the "stink eye". The waitress laughed again and said she would do the best  she could and winked at Olivia.

Georgia looked over at me about this time and said, "If they made perfume that smelled like this, I would totally wear it."  I have to admit that the smell of fried food was pretty heavenly about then.


It really was only a few minutes before we were seated and our friendly hostess/waitress took our order.

How cute are the ketchup dispensers on the table? A little tomato!

A very cool tile design on one wall…

Cute lunch dates…

A refreshing beer and fish and chips that were really, really, really good.  We were all members of the "clean plate club"!

We will be going back soon!

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