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19 February 2014

Birthday Shopping ...

On the Saturday morning after Sophia's birthday, it was cold and windy - a perfect day for indoor activities.  We caught the tube and ventured out toward the Olympic village area of London to the largest shopping mall in Europe. It is a really great mall, if you are into that sort of thing. Which the girls and I definitely are. Chris, not so much.  He braced himself for the day, and actually managed pretty well, considering this is how he started the day…

Check out the look on his face! It really brings back memories of this day… a classic moment captured in time… Dad of three girls at the American Girl store!
Remember this picture that I shared on Facebook? Best. Picture. Ever.  I still laugh when I see it!

One of our first stops was a toy store. It is interesting that there are some of the same toys, but not as many as I thought there would be. There are dolls, but they aren't the same ones you see in the US. There are a few Barbies, but not nearly the huge entire aisles of Barbie that you see at home. 

The game Clue is called Cluedo here.

After the sword fight, the girls checked out a small display of minecraft toys.

We strolled past the Champagne Bar… doesn't every mall need a champagne bar?  I think so!


The girls studied an impressive cupcake display.

Sophia chose a few items at the Disney store - Merida's bow and arrow set from the movie, Brave.  And a Sophia the First hair styling doll.  We also shopped at the Lego store. She and Olivia both really like the Lego Friends lego sets. Sophia picked out a set that she didn't have already. 

Sophia saw this hideously ugly shirt at H&M and made a face that I refused to buy it for her. Yes, those are bananas all over it.  Of course that is why she loved it, for the bananas. I swear she is part monkey these days. She eats three a day, at least.  I am not totally a big meanie for refusing to buy her the monkey shirt on her birthday shopping trip - in addition to the awful banana print - it was a man's pullover top of polyester fabric. Enough said.


The British children's show, Postman Pat, was a huge hit in our house when Georgia was a preschooler. I can't remember now which cable network used to import it, but we TiVo'd all of the ones we could and she watched it long after the network quit importing it to the US.  It was really a cute program.  We saw this little ride-on toy in the mall, so the girls jumped in and posed for pictures.  
When we went to see the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie, there was a preview for an upcoming Postman Pat movie!  I wonder if that will make it to the U.S.?

I didn't get any pictures of Chris at the Bose store. (I totally should have)  He was having a very happy moment when he went into a soundproof room and they did a home theatre demo for him. I saw serious TV envy.  But, he loved it. Maybe someday...

We ended our shopping trip with lunch at Wagamama.  Yum. 

Here are her birthday treasures…

She has played and played with the Bow and Arrow Set. Chris used a crayon to mark out a bullseye on the large, round window in our apartment, and Olivia and Sophia and Georgia have tournaments...

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