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21 February 2014

Liberty of London

It is no secret that I love fabric. I love, love fabric. I need a 12 step program for my addiction to fabric. And, I am proud to say, some of my favorite people share my problem! ;) But, I won't name names here. You know who you are!
And, those of you who really love fabric are familiar with why Liberty of London (a really gorgeous, historical department store in London) is like mecca for fabric lovers.  Liberty designs and prints some of the most gorgeous fabric in the world. They are unique and usually a fabric aficionado can look at fabric and say, "Hey, isn't that a Liberty print?"
I have not ever sewn with any of the Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics from Liberty of London, though. I will explain why in a bit.  Westminster, an American fabric company, manufactured a few Liberty prints a year or so ago, and I bought and used it in a Sweet Funky Vintage collection, but it wasn't a Liberty print on actual Liberty fabric.

First, you must understand that Liberty is a beautiful store. It is really, really cool, inside and out.
We spotted the distinctive "Tudor" style building as we approached.

The front of Liberty.

As it was Valentine's Day, the had storewide promotions going on.
Georgia said even the elevator is pretty! Much of the store is filled with beautiful carved woodwork.

Yummy fabric.

Pretty Tana Lawn fabrics.

thread, thread and more thread.

The yarn department was pretty impressive too.

Buttons!          Patterns!

Now, I will explain why I have never actually sewn with Liberty Tana Lawn fabric.  You can't quite see here, but the price is 22 pounds per metre of fabric. That makes it $36.08 for just over a yard of fabric.  So, to make something for myself, I am looking at it costing almost $40 just for the fabric, not including my time. And what if I goofed up? Yikes, the pressure! ;)  
Someday I will make myself something awesome out of Liberty fabric. And, then the first time I wear it, I will spill barbecue sauce on myself, or grape kool aid or something like that!!

The girls had fun "hamming" it up in the accessories department, they were trying on gloves that cost 189 pounds ($310).

The girls purchased a box of truffles for Daddy for Valentines Day and then we headed home, as we were out of time for the day.  We hope to get back to Liberty again soon when we have more time to spend.

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