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22 March 2014

Wandsworth Common

One of the reasons that we chose the home we did was because it is so close to the girls' school. But, it is a really wonderful area because it is very close to two large commons.  The one that is closest to us is Wandsworth Common, and we have enjoyed going over there to play and spend time now that the weather is so much nicer.  January here was the wettest one in 100 years!  Spring has sprung here, there are daffodils blooming everywhere and there have been some beautiful sunny days.  Last weekend, it was in the 70s one day!
The pictures here are from a couple of different recent trips to Wandsworth Common

A friend sent us a Flat Stanley, so he got to go along to the common with us and play!

Georgia borrowed my phone and took a few selfies


You can just see the girls playing in a group of trees. They built a fort in there and played for an hour!

We scooter over to the common.

Chris was determined to read...

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