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07 March 2014

Belgium, Part One

When I uploaded all the pictures I took from our trip to Belgium, I realized I took nearly 100 of them! So, I will break this post into several parts.
We planned Belgium as our first visit to the Continent (as they say here), to visit some old friends of ours, The Solomons. They were neighbors of ours in Beaufort, South Carolina before any of us had kids! The last time I had seen them was about 8 years before, when Olivia and their oldest, Gwyneth were babies!
We drove to take the Channel Tunnel over to France (or the Chunnel as it is known).
We boarded the train, and then with just a few delays, we were off. The train ride was as advertised, and we were in France! France drives on the right side of the road, which was a little weird considering we were in a left hand drive car! But, all went well, and we drove through to Belgium.

We arrived at night, and this is the church that sits just across from our friends' house. They actually live in a house that was the Vicarage of the church many years ago, and is about 400 years old! Very neat!

The next day, we decided to travel north to a city named Bruges in Belgium, and we stopped off at Flanders Field American Cemetery on the way. It was a very special place.

It made my heart sing to see the American flag proudly waving.  We all stopped beneath it and recited the Pledge of Allegiance together.

 Bruges was a really beautiful city. We parked and enjoyed just walking around.  We ate a quick lunch and then went off in search of the Chocolate Museum.

Check out this gargoyle!

 There was a little rain shower while we were on a boat tour, so our boat ducked beneath a little bridge and waited for a few minutes for the worst to pass, and then we saw another rainbow!

 More tomorrow…

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