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08 March 2014

Belgium, Part Two

More from Belgium…

Saturday, we decided to find some of the renowned Belgian chocolate, so we headed to Brussels. We stopped at the Neuhaus Chocolate Factory Store. Neuhaus is a manufacturer of Belgian luxury chocolates (I read that on wikipedia - what makes a chocolate not luxurious, I wonder??) and was founded in 1857.  We walked in the store and were amazed at the fact there were boxes upon boxes of open chocolates out for you to sample as many as you wanted to. Laura and I both commented that we couldn't believe that would be profitable for them. After sampling a few of the incredibly rich chocolates, we discovered that in reality, you just couldn't sample that many.  The kids, however, did there darndest to try to sample as many as they could before we could give them any limits on how many they should try.

The chocolate was all really, really fabulous. We bought boxes of it (yay!) to split between the two families to bring home.
I love this picture of Ruby. She got serious about the chocolate! And how perfect is the shirt for a trip to a chocolate factory??!

After the chocolate factory, we headed to the Atomium.   It was built for the 1958 Worlds Fair, and is the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times! It was uber-cool!

After, we headed back to the village that the Solomon's live in and attempted to tour the local brewery, but we missed the tour by a few minutes. So, we decided to head back to their house and relax and cook dinner and let the kids play.

Perry also let me try some of the Belgian beers he recommends. They were all delicious and I couldn't decide which I liked best!

We also went for a walk about the village and visited a Patisserie.  
This sign is posted next to the church near their house. It cracked me up!

The local palace. Not sure who exactly it belongs to but some part of the Belgian Royal Family is what it seemed.

We had such a fantastic visit with our friends, and the kids really hit it off right away! We are so lucky to know such great people (even if they did go to Georgia Tech - couldn't resist!! ;) LOL!)  And I still think it is totally the coolest thing ever that Perry grew up on Tybee Island, GA, and knew my Great Uncle, Taylor Sumerford.  It is truly a small world!

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