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27 January 2015

A little news from here...

It is a bit hard to believe that we are four weeks into a new school term already, but it is true...

Each term, the girls try out new activities with after school clubs offered by the school.  This term, Olivia is doing running club, Sophia is doing hockey (we call it field hockey in the US), and Georgia is doing Karate.


(That's Georgia - the fourth girl from the left!)

The girls have also started taking gymnastics with a local gymnastics program. So, I busted out my embroidery machine and made some gymnastics totes for them to take to class.  Pardon the puckering on the first one I did for Olivia's buddy, Helena.  It took me a first try to remember - STABILIZER! Those of you who have done machine embroidery are doing a mental head slap at me not remembering that one!!!

I will show them all off when I finish up the last one...  I have to say that the font above may very well be my new favorite because it stitches out so quickly!

We measured the girls this weekend to see how much they have grown.  We used to measure them and make notations on the pantry wall in California, but since we are renting here, we started using our computer cabinet. Sophia and Georgia tied for the most growth in the past 7 months - right about 2 inches each!

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