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19 January 2015

THE Boat Race

*** I basically abandoned my blog back in May 2014, and as I revived it a few days ago, with a commitment (resolution for the New Year? maybe...) to blog again, I discovered this post that was written but not published. So, here it is!

Several weeks ago now, we watched the Cambridge vs. Oxford boat race.  I had read that "THE" boat race was coming up, so I looked online to find out where we could watch it.  Turns out, pubs and restaurant tables are booked the year before, so that was out.  We could watch from the riverfront, but there would be the fear of taking out kids to an area where EVERYONE would be drunk from drinking and celebrating ALL day in anticipation of the big event.  So, we researched a little further and found the "family friendly" place to watch the boat race is Bishops Park, along the Thames waterfront.  It happens to be directly across from the boathouses and away from the drunken revelers.  A perfect place to watch THE race.
You may wonder why I keep capitalizing THE… well, it is because it is THE race of the year.  And, it happens to be the only collegiate level sporting event that is televised. Say what!?! You heard me… THE race is the only one. period.
It is a boat race (we call it rowing in the US) between Oxford University and Cambridge University, and the first one was held in 1829.  For the next 25 years, the contests took place irregularly, it became a regular event in 1856. You can read more about the history of THE boat race, here. I think it is pretty interesting stuff.
So, we arrived early, to stake out a place to watch the race, have a pint, let the kids play, and eat a bite.

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