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28 January 2015

Out for a walk this weekend..

We went out for a walk this weekend, on the streets around our house.  Georgia is working on mastering her new rollerblades, and Sophia and Olivia rode their scooters, while Chris walked Sally. Sally would get very distressed when the girls got too far ahead of her. I actually heard her bark for maybe the third time in her life!

 As we were walking, I spotted this pair of shoes... just sitting neatly together on the pavement (aka sidewalk).  I couldn't help but think of the expression, "walk a mile in their shoes".  Nah. I think I'll pass on these particular shoes.  But, it was an interesting sight.
As our time in our cute little, faux Tudor cottage is growing short, I have mixed feelings.  We have found a new house and it is bigger, an Edwardian style rowhouse.  It will be nice to have a little more room, but it will be sad to leave our little cottage that we have already made memories in...

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