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20 January 2015

Meet Lady Sally

I posted pictures of our new puppy back in June on Facebook, but I was on my blog hiatus at that point, so I hadn't shared any here.

Sally joined our family in June and we are all head over heels in love with her.  (Don't worry though, Shady is doing fabulously well in her retirement in the mountains of North Carolina. We got to spend quite a bit of time with her at Christmas.)  Sally is an English black labrador.  The only real difference between an English and American black labrador is that the English ones tend to have a blockier face (if that makes sense?).

Not long after we got Sally, she got very, very sick with Parvo.  The Vet told us that most puppies who contract Parvo don't survive. But, Sally recovered, and relatively quickly too, thank goodness!  She came from the breeder with pet insurance that covered the bills too - yay!  Within no time at all, she was back at home with us, and doing really well and quickly growing and making up for lost time. The only reminder that she had Parvo is that she has a small white spot (the fur grew back in white) on her leg where her IV was.

Sally walks beautifully on her leash and has a ton of fun playing in the commons (like a park).  The girls have even taught her how to shake hands!

She stayed with a petsitter over the holidays while we were back in the States. It is a pretty neat way to do it, instead of going to a kennel, she lived with another family while we were away.

This is how she spends much of her day these days... snoozing on the couch. We had good intentions to not let her do that, and then she was just too stinkin' cute, that went out the window after the first few days!  She is kennel trained though, and sleeps there during the night, and is only allowed on the first floor of our home, so we didn't completely cave in every respect!

As you can tell from the picture, she isn't a very big lab. At 9 months old now, we don't think she is completely finished growing, but we suspect she will be on the small side for a lab.

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