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16 January 2015

Back to Blogging...

Well, after a really long (okay, really, really long) break, I am going to attempt to be back to blogging. Or at least be a bit better about blogging more frequently than I certainly have been the last 8 months or so!
What have we been up to?  Well, we still live in London and are doing great. The girls are still at Broomwood Hall and doing splendidly! Chris and I are still doing much the same as well. We have had a few adventures, including a trip to France, a trip to Barcelona, and the girls had an extended visit back in the States during the summer. School started back up with Georgia doing a school trip to France and Olivia moving up to the upper school (year 4-8 are at the upper school, which equates to grades 3 - 7 in the US), and Sophia is at the lower school for one more year.  We squeezed in another visit with our friends in Belgium in October. We all traveled back to the States for the Christmas and New Years holidays. We spent Christmas in North Carolina, and New Years in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC.  We were able to visit our old friends, the Kucabas, in Greenville while we were in the States, and we also got to have an awesome lunch with the Lanes and Walkers while we were in DC.
Three days before Christmas we got the unfortunate news that our landlords intend to sell the home we live in when our lease expires at the end of February. So, the New Year has been filled with house hunting. We hope to find a new place very soon.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us, if you will.

We had some terrific family pictures taken in early December by a good friend of ours here - so I will leave you with those today... more blogging to follow!

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