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22 March 2015

A trip! First stop... Heathrow

I'm blogging out of order, sorry for that. But I have just downloaded the blogger app that allows me to actually blog from my iPhone. So maybe while I am traveling this week, I can get caught up!
Previously, I have been blogging in bigger bunches - I transfer over a slew of pictures from my iPhone to our desktop and then try to remember the events in as much detail as possible.
Okay, so, today... We are headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Hubs is participating in a charity marathon this week in Bosnia (I will blog more about that later), so since the girls are on the UK equivalent to spring break (3 1/2 weeks of it!!!), the whole fandamily is tagging along!
Because our family travels in the most insanely inconvenient (but cheapest way possible), we departed our humble abode at 5am, in the dark of the wee hours of the morning and raced toward Heathrow (holding on for dear life as our driver attempted to break his record for the fastest ever trip from southwest London to Heathrow! Donald (I'm pretty sure that's not his real name, based on the Eastern European accent), is really nice and has actually driven is to the airport before. The girls thought the speedy trip was hilarious. 
We showed up at Heathrow with most of our worldly belongings strapped to our backs (carry on only, of course)... Three children with parkas, backpacks and dragging suitcases and off we go!

Since I mentioned that we fly cheap, you can imagine that chaos pretty much ensues in our wake. But, it is never boring!
Next stop... Munich!

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