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25 March 2015

Bosnia, day two

This morning was the marathon run. 
We were able to take this picture somewhere around mile 10, I believe.

The girls and I went down to the school to wait for the runners' arrival. 

The school hosted a lovely lunch for us and then put on a fantastic presentation to show their appreciation and share their skills in English and their cultural heritage. 
After the presentation, we all walked to the village's children's monument - a memorial to the children of Gorazde who died during the years of 1992-1995. There are 148 names but our guides believe there were many more children sho died - that children died every day and nobody was keeping statistics. They were too busy surviving. Our girls laid flowers at the monument.

This is the school playground.
And the front of the school.

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  1. wasn't hard to find Chris - no one else has gray hair. Bless his heart.