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09 March 2015

Half Term Break

Here in England, each term (trimester), we get a half-term break. It is like having a spring break in the middle of each term. A nice thing, I have to tell you!
This half term break we were obviously moving into our new home. But, we did have some fun too.

Georgia had been begging me for weeks to allow her to make our friend, Jessica's famous toffee.  I finally felt like the kitchen was prepared enough to get involved in the toffee process, so we made it. And it wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be. And, it tasted amazing (as I expected it to) even though we didn't have any almonds or quite as many pecans as we were supposed to have. And, they don't sell Karo syrup here, so we substituted with something called "Golden Syrup".  I am sure it was balanced out by the fact that we had amazing Belgian chocolate chips (thanks, Laura!) to use!

Sadly, my biggest regret is that we didn't make more of it!!!

We had to go to the recycling center to drop off some boxes and paper and junk, and there happens to be a McDonald's across the street. I couldn't remember the last time we had McDonald's, so we decided to have it.  I kept thinking about that article I read recently in USA Today that listed the ingredients list for McDonald's french fries - and it had a gazillion ingredients.  In the UK (and all of Europe), the ingredients list is Potatoes, oil, and salt. That's it.  And guess what? They are good, but the US ones (full of chemicals and stuff) might taste a little better ;)

To keep the girls busy, I ordered them some new markers and art supplies and some awesome coloring books. One is by my sweet friend, Patty Young (Mod Kid).  If you have a little bit older kid who likes to color (or you do, no worries, I won't judge - I may have helped the girls with a page or two) then I highly recommend this book!  Playful Designs Coloring by Patty Young.

On Thursday of half term, our dear friends, the Solomons, came over from Belgium for a visit.  We had been neighbors back in Beaufort, South Carolina when Georgia was a toddler. They have been stationed in Belgium for the last year or so, and we have been to visit them twice and they have been here twice. Our kids have all gotten to know each other pretty well and enjoy spending time together. We had a blast this visit too!

A few months ago, Laura connected me with her college roommate, Melissa, whose family was preparing to move to London. We hit it off and they decided to put their girls in Broomwood Hall (the girls' school) and moved to a home nearby too. Here's to old friends and new friends! (Picture is all of us dining together at the Althorp - a favorite pub)

On Saturday we left Chris behind (as he would just about rather poke hot sticks in his eyes than sit through a musical) and headed out to lunch, and then to see the West End musical, Matilda.  Lunch was at one of our favorites, Wagamama. I just cannot get enough of their chicken and prawn pad thai!

Chinatown in London is right near Leicester Square and they are getting ready for the kick off of the Chinese New Year, so we wandered over to hear and (sort of) see a street performance.

Matilda was really, really great!  If you have a chance to see it - go!

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