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03 March 2015

Still unpacking...

Still unpacking. Still getting settled in.  Sophia taking a quick break...

Sally was delighted to discover a neighbor's soccer ball had been launched into our new yard and completely shredded it.  It looks like we might have to buy someone a new one!

Some of our furniture didn't fit in the new house in rooms where we wanted them to go, so we gave some away by leaving it on the curb with at note that read "free" - all gone within a few hours.  Our TV cabinet is part of our living room set that we really don't want to part with, so we converted it (in a very haphazard way) into a computer cabinet, and finally parted with the old Ikea one that we had for years.  Here is Chris making the conversion with a hacksaw.  Yep, pretty sure we will never be on one of those HGTV do it yourself shows!

Took a break to go pick up new school shoes for Georgia, and saw this sign!

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