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23 March 2015

Dubrovnik... Day two, part two

We need more followers It has been spotty as to whether we have wifi or not and since we are now in Bosnia and I am finishing up the blog post about yesterday, I have to have wifi since my cell carrier offered me 3mb of data for £20. Yikes! That isn't conducive to blogging!
So in my last post, I left off with our late morning snack...
We stopped at a sidewalk cafe and the proprietor brought us small glasses of water. 
I wondered why they were stingy with the water and then I took a sip. Cough. Cough. Um, NOT water. I now have a small hole in my stomach.
After our snack, we continued to wander a bit and then took the cable car to the top of the cliff overlooking the city.

At the top is Fort Imperial (originally built by Napoleon) which had special significance during the Bosnian war.
There was a very interesting exhibit on the war. 
After, we went back down to the old city to find lunch. We heard some kids playing and ducked our heads through a doorway to find a sports court.
We settled on a restaurant called Taj Mahal and ate a platter called the Genghis Kahn. A sample of lots of different dishes. All yummy.

We came back to our room to find that housekeeping had arranged all of Sophia's monster high dolls. Sophia got a huge kick out of that.

After a dip in the pool, we met friends (part of Chris's running group) for dinner back in the old town.
I have no idea the names of most of the food we've been eating, but this was a dish called pasticada- a beef marinated for over 24 hours in red wine and garlic and served with gnocchi.

I love this clock! Can you see the Roman numerals? It was 8:45!

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