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24 March 2015

Bosnia. Day one, part two

So, why are we in Croatia and Bosnia, anyway? Partly family vacation, but partly a much more important reason.
Chris has a friend who is former British Army. And he was stationed in a town in Bosnia during the conflict. The town has stayed important to him, and he has organized a marathon run to raise money to build a library and all-weather football pitch for the local school. Chris is one of a handful of runners who will be running the marathon today. 
My memories of the Bosnian war aren't many. It was the first half of the 1990s, I was a college student who didn't read the newspaper, and it was before we all got our information overload from the Internet. 
Our guides here have shown us where British  observation posts were and the memorial markers of several fallen British soldiers, as well as some incredible views of the river and town of Gorazde. We have also been given an oversight of the history of this area. Incredible.
The hotel where we are staying is an upscale hunting lodge where hunters come to hunt bear. We are clearly here off season as we are the only guests. It is a nice place, updated and very clean and nice. Not luxurious, but quite nice.

The hotel's restaurant put on a huge lunch spread. It was an amazing amount of food and all delicious.
We drove out in a four car convoy to see some of the military areas of significance.
Interesting that there are cows just wandering loose. These two decided to 
Race us down the road!

Here is a sneak peek of our room at the lodge...
And dinner last night...
And dessert

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